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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - Roy Henry Baker

Roy Henry Baker my paternal Grandfather

Grandpa Baker was born in Springfield, Missouri on July 5, 1888. The 1900 Census finds him living with his parent John D Baker and Virginia (Jennie) Shaw Baker in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. Also in the household are Roy's siblings Harry E, Edith M, and Ella B. Grandpa Baker was in law enforcement for a large part of his life and also worked in the oil industry. Grandma Jo used to tell the story of how they met, he pulled her over and gave her a speeding ticket. Tall tales abound in this branch of the family tree, some of them are actually true. The story that he was a Texas Ranger is one of the those, my sister has his badges and I was able to acquire his oath of service. I'm glad we were able to prove that story, I will continue to work on the rest of them!

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