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Monday, May 27, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - Loyal Edward "Casey" Jones

Loyal Edward "Casey" Jones my maternal Grandad

Grandad Casey was born in Ogallala, Keith County, Nebraska on January 1, 1915. The 1920 US Census finds him in Winter Creek, Scottsbluff, Nebraska with his parents Lewis and Goldie (Skidmore), along with his siblings Arleu and Darline. Grandad was a truck driver, a construction worker, and above all a cowboy to his very soul. He always wore jeans with a sharp crease, a t shirt with a pocket for his cigarettes, the traditional cowboy boots and a belt with a big fancy buckle. If he was "going out" the t shirt was exchanged for a starched western shirt. Driving those trucks served him well, he could back a 35 ft. horse trailer into a single door shop in one smooth motion. Most little girls dreamed of having a pony, I owned one before I was even born. I was his only grandchild, he adored and spoiled me. I adored him right back.

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