Researching these surnames; Baker;
Shaw/Oldham; Denby/McMaster; Pollack/Skeen; Jones/Miller; Skidmore/Mossberger; McDaniel/Otts; Dawson/Morrison.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Who is in my tree?

A fellow genealogy blogger Genea-Musings posted a Saturday night fun challenge to see how many people were in everyone's trees. I use Family Tree Maker software and it's interesting to run reports about different facts in my tree.

I learned by going to Publish>Person Reports>Surname Report>choosing the "Details" tab at the top. I can then customize the report to include different categories of people.

I learned that as of today I have 173 surnames, 1205 people, 610 males and 582 females. The top 10 surnames are;
1. McDaniel
2. Jones
3. Denby
4. Skeen
5. Hancock
6. Baker
7. Gannaway - my stepfather's family
8. Pollack
9. Maris
10. Skidmore

First page of nine of the surname report. The _____ is five underscore where the surname, usually the maiden name of women, is unknown.

The report also gives me the total count of each surname plus the numbers of males and females as well as the earliest and most recent dates associated with the name.

In the publish feature I can also do charts of all sorts; genealogy report, relationship reports, place reports, media reports, and source reports. I need to spend more time running reports, I think it will help me find "holes" I need to work on and it's just plain interesting!

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