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Friday, February 21, 2014

Virginia "Jennie" Shaw, even more questions

Virginia "Jennie" Shaw
My Great Grandmother
Interesting fact; Jennie was "Deaf and dumb", I don't know if she was born this way or lost her hearing as a young child.

Born October 1869 in Missouri, USA
Sources; 1870, 1880, 1900, 1920 US Censuses

1870 Residence; Campbell, Greene County, Missouri, USA.
She is living with her father William Shaw, age 61, her mother Mary (Oldham) Shaw, age 24, and her sister Frances, age 3. They are living next door to Mary's mother. William is a “Teamster”.
Source; 1870 Us Census

1870 United States Federal Census, Campbell, Greene County, Missouri, USA
In 1880 she is listed in two US Censuses
1880 Residence 1; Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, USA.
She is listed as living at the “assylem Fulton”.
She is listed with her mother Mary J, age 34 and step father John M Stutzman, age 49, Occupation; Carpenter, along with several half and step siblings and her sister Belle (Frances), age 13, and brother Johnie, age 7. There are also boarders living in the house including Mary's mother and sister.
  • When did her father William die? The only clue I have is from “His grand-daughter told a story of how he was driving a wagon back from Boliver (to Springfield), and he was killed by bushwackers just outside of town (Springfield). It was on "Stagecoach" road, just as it crests out over a hill." 

1880 United States Federal Census, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, USA

1880 Residence 2; Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri, USA
She is a pupil at the Missouri Institute for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb.
  • When did she loose her hearing?

1880 United States Federal Census, Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri, USA

1888 - Marriage to John D Baker according to the 1900 census which states they have been married 12 years.

4 Jul 1888 - birth of Roy H Baker In Greene County, Missouri < my grandfather

26 Jan 1891 - Marriage to John D Baker (b. Feb 1861 in Illinois)
Source; Missouri marriage license, Springfield, Greene, Missouri
  • Compare this to the 1900 Census marriage date?

Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002

Apr 1892 birth of Harry E Baker in Missouri
Dec 1894 birth of Edith Baker in Missouri
Sep 1898 birth of Ella B Baker in Missouri
Source; 1900 US Census

According to the 1900 census, census taker was very sloppy...
Enumerated on 4 Jun 1900
Address 1961 Benton Ave, North Campbell Township, Springfield, Mo
She is the wife of head of household (John D Baker)
Age 30
Married 12 years
Mother of 5, 4 still living
Her father was born in Tennessee
Her mother was born in Virginia
She can read, write and speak English

1900 United States Federal Census, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, USA

1902 birth of Mary Baker in Missouri
Source; 1910 US Census

31 May 1904 – Marriage to Charles Smith in Clinton, Henry County Missouri, USA
Source Missouri Marriage Records, 1805- 2002 The copy is so poor it is almost unreadable.
  • What happened to John D Baker? Did he die or did they divorce?

1907 birth of Virginia Jennie Smith in Kansas
1909 birth of Charles J Smith in Kansas
Source; 1910 US Census

1910 US Census Jennie is living in Topeka, Ward 2, Shawnee County, Kansas, USA
Address 112 Adams St
Wife of head of household Charles Smith, age 36, birthplace Michigan, parents birthplace, father; New York and mother; Germany, Occupation; Common Laborer, Odd Jobs
Age 45 (?)
Her second marriage (Charles' first)
Can read and write
Is Deaf and Dumb
Has three more children; Mary Baker age 8 born in Missouri, Jennie Smith age 3 and Charles Smith age 1 both born in Kansas.

John and Jennie's daughter Ella who would have been 12 is not on the census with her mother and step father. Edith and Mary Baker are with Jennie. Roy would have been 22, his whereabouts is unknown. Harry E. would have been 18 and his whereabouts is unknown.
  • What happened to Ella?

1910 United States Federal Census, Topeka ward 2, Shawnee County, Kansas, USA

1912 birth of Marguritte Smith in New York
Source; 1920 US Census

1919 Residence - 1729 Holly St, Kansas City Mo, Chas T "grinder", can not find them in the 1920-21 directories.
Source; U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989

U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
1920 US Census Jennie is living in Kansas City Ward 2, Jackson, Missouri, USA
Address;1729 Holly St, Kansas City Mo
Wife of head of household Charles Smith, age 48, Parents birthplace Germany, Occupation; Grinder, tool sharpener
Age 51
Can read, write and speak English
Parents born in Missouri.
Children; Charles J Smith 11, Marguritte Smith 8.
  • Where is daughter Jennie Smith who would be about 13? 
    Edited to add Jennies fate. I posted about my find here in my post about her.
1920 United States Federal Census,  Kansus City Ward 2, Jackson County, Missouri, USA
What happened to Jennie, Charles and the kids after 1920? The trail runs dry....

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